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released February 4, 2001


all rights reserved



fifty50 Leipzig, Germany

fifty50 from Leipzig, Germany plays Punkrock .
They released their first album in 2001 and in 2005 their second album .
From 2007 until 2014, Fifty50 had been on hiatus.
Holger joined "sicksinus" and Tilo and Marcus joined "Dr.Tentorkel".
In 2015 fifty50 started being active again and released the 7-song EP "don't give up". Schubi replaced Holger on guitar.
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Track Name: really
so many bands are out there for the music's sake
what they really want is a piece of the cake
sorry guys we want the whole meal
putting our names under a million-dollar-record-deal

yeah, that's how it's gonna be, gonna be, gonna be
yeah, that's how it's gonna be, gonna be for sure...really

and then the summer comes out
and we drive down to the beach
while our jewels shine in the sun
we think about higher goals to rea
Track Name: don't hesitate
don't hesitate can't you see the light in front of you
everybody has their own fear, don't we trust ourselves anymore
what has become of this world, don't ask it's your own work
can you see the mirrors standing around curious but they act like you

so many milllions hungering dying the rest doesn't care
so while you have your own little problems
somewhere else people are suffering
they have no chances no hesitation no will anymore
and you come do you think you can change the world

stock rules! you have no cash! who cares about you!
everybody is his best friend! so stop wondering about this world
when you can't see this they will eat you up!
but be sure one day will come they all will die out!
Track Name: in the air
t's been a long-ass drive finally the moment, we arrive
we're dead tired as we get out of the car
and we know, the next bed is not so far
a look out of the window, we are on a roll
In the moonlight the hill looks so beautiful
now everybody is dreaming of
riding down the hill and taking off

I'm in the air

Everybody grabs their boards
we are about to pull tricks of all sorts
raving about taking off to fly
we´re going faster and faster towards the sky
we finally made to the top of the hill
the sound of the bindings, we want the thrill
the big jump is getting closer now we hit it, we kick it, we scream and shout:

I'm in the air
I'm in the air
Track Name: away from home
I'm fed up today, don't wanna feel this way
I wanna go
away from this place, away from this race, out of this maze
I can't take it anymore
shit's been piling up over the years
and things, I used to like don't satisfy no more

I see friends trift apart
and morals that didn't stay
and as long as I've got the opportunity
I try to find my way
so pack my bags, I hit the road
the time has come for me to go
away from home

today I'm good to go
and all I wanna know is if I dare to move on
move on away from the wheels of society
which suck us in more and more every day
Track Name: be a cop
a red light beams in front of me a cop just pulled me over
the last bill in my pocket I gave him with a smile
it didn't make him change his mind now I'm walking for a while
I threw a pill right in his cup of coffee he was drinking
a minute later he turned funny and couldn't write a thing
he took his socks off pretty soon and wore'em on his ears
he shit his pants and they fell down and I was laughing tears

be a cop and your life gets panic
be a cop and you'll go schizophrenic

the billy club in his one hand his short dick in the other
he stood there in the midst of it and spanked his wrinkled monkey
I took his pen and took his paper and got my shit together
then I sat there watching how he pulled his leather
and seconds later came this car and wheeled right over him

be a cop and your life gets panic
be a cop and you'll go schizophrenic
Track Name: days from now
I can't believe we still sit here
as the CD starts over again (for the fifth time)
it's the music of this night, kind and understanding
carrying the sincerity between us
what an extraordinary night
together for us, just like that, unexpected
we were found in a state of honesty, sympathy and therapy
what will remain when we wake up
to pursue the tasks of everyday life?

the music became a soundtreck for this state of mind
a cosy feeling I want to keep inside
don't give it away like we do when we forget
ideals that seemed so strong and right at that time

years from now are days from then
it still feels the same and I sing this song again
time stands still, eternity for this moment
we resisted the escape from ourselves
which alienates us - a dream dies
in our short lives, still dreaming
days from now...
Track Name: day x
progress for economical purpose only
never-ending civil wars
no knowledge and no will to forgive
no hope and no reason to live
prejudice, hatred, greed and envy
suicide through resignation is now history

today I announce a new world
day x arrived - our dreams come true
sunny skies and open eyes

people willing to listen
people willing to give
the chance to develop freely
so many reasons to live
unity and respect for others
justice, love and harmony
give and take, give and take

today I announce a new world
day x arrived - our dreams come true
sunny skies and open eyes
Track Name: spring time
spring time the first sunny day
I take a walk through my world
and I enjoy the sun that shines on me
my eyes become wider
my knees start to shake
an angel is coming my way

I don't know where to look
don't know what to do
only a few more steps to go
the moment comes closer
my head starts to spin
what am I supposed to do
oh, screw it, just be yourself
I say to myself
she's almost there, she's gone away
did I really, did I really let her slip away
Track Name: starting all over again
more than friends, we were like family I felt so understood
we knew we couldn't stay together, still hoping that we would
life felt so simple then, we were living day by day
much too soon, we had to say good-bye, now they are so far away

I'm here again, feeling so alone
here again, hoping for better days to come
yeah, I'm starting all over again
she was the girl of my dreams, it felt like we were meant to be
I thought it never end but I was not able to see
some things don't last forever, her love had gone away
stranded with another broken heart, dreaming of things that stay
I wish I could go back in time, sometimes I do, you see
but I know I have to move on, taking memories along with me
time flies by much too fast, boy, that's life they say
need something to hold on to - partners in crime along the way
Track Name: what we know now
"I used to be a hot shot..."
an old truck passes by on the road outside,
"...but I never found the right girl,
now my belly grew round, my hair turned gray
and my old lady left me last year
somehow I never really did fit in - but I had to, you know, times were different back then,
it's funny, by the time you got it all figured out,
there are only a few more laps to go
and it feels good and right
to cruise the last miles in second gear to enjoy the sight"

"but guess what, these days are good to me,
they gave me time to think,
now I found my peace and I know,
it could have been worse, slightly better,
man, what would have happened,
if we knew then what we know now,
maybe we would have gone nuts,
maybe we just changed the world,
maybe I drank too much"

so they sit there while the evening sun paints the sky red,
tomorrow will be a hot day.
Track Name: back to earth
sitting on my old abused couch sinking throne in all that mess
browse my pockets for some change to visit sammy´s for food
and tomorrow rent is due and I have no clue of
how to pay or what to do it´s like the thrill of living's through
It's getting dark

lightning strikes, horizon glows green
alien encounter the vision I´ve seen
don`t wanna stay don`t wanna stay
don`t wanna stay take me far away

now I´m sitting in a space ship and I`m looking down on earth
no regrets, I won`t come back, full of hope, alien smokes dope
now I sit on the alien's couch it´s old abused and full of green dook
and I don´t like their plastic food I'm thinking back when I was home
it`s getting dark

where ever you are, don´t let yourself down until it feels like home
stay with your friends, they´ll be by your side
stay with your friends, you won't be alone
Track Name: nature
rain falls thunder grooves nature is the name of the game
no speakers no amps and still louder than anything else
recently a tornado came along the way
we asked him: hey what's up, man
go away kids he replied
don't make me turn day into night
we left and felt secure but he was so sure
he grabbed us off the ground
a new understanding of nature is what we found

oh, crazy we are so small
oh, our planet will fight back after all
oh, still we try anything to get ahead
oh, good luck earth you ain't dead yet

there we are camping in the woods
hey why do we worry the state of earth is still good
we don't hear the rising noise in the distance we feel good
ignoring the tidal wave breaking wood

hey don't fuck with me
don't fuck with me no more
hey don't mess with me
Track Name: a new world
everyone's trying to have a good life
without sharing, we need to grow up
so many among us live to increase their wealth
it wouldn't hurt to give
a half of their millions to the people
who really need it instead of their heirs
this ego trip makes me sick
your highclass cars and clothes mean shit
pieces of puzzle is what we are
stil we are driving the same car
so take your money and help building a new world

no one needs pool partys every day
no one needs a golden ashtray
as long as people are starving, it's not far away
all you care about is money, money, money
cause you don't like the life you have got
so you buy your fun and holidays in the sun
I guess no one thinks about it
what will our children get out of this
they forget how to really live
being born in a world of greed
c'mon man, let's build a new world

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